Can I Make a Complaint?

Quick guide: How we handle complaints (PDF)

This office may investigate complaints made by eligible consumers against regulated Financial Service Providers.

You may submit a complaint if you are:

  1. A private individual – personal policy/account holder
  2. A limited company
  3. Sole Traders
  4. Trusts
  5. Clubs
  6. Charities
  7. Partnerships

All complaints falling into categories 2-7 will need to submit the following with your application for the purpose of establishing the Financial Services Ombudsmanís jurisdiction on this matter.

  • Name and registered number (if applicable)
  • The annual turnover for the financial year prior to which the complaint is made to the Financial Services Ombudsman's Bureau;
  • A copy of the last set of audited financial statements;
  • A Complaint Form signed by two or more directors (if applicable).

You may not submit a complaint if :

  • You are a limited company with an annual turnover of more than  €3,000,000
  • Your complaint is against a third party insurer i.e. if you are in a road traffic accident and have a complaint about the handling of your claim by a third party’s insurance Provider. This is  due to data protection issues.


  • One party of a joint policy/account – the second joint policy/account  holder will need to be notified of the Complaint and sign the Complaint Form
  • If the complaint is on behalf of a deceased person’s Estate – the Estate will need to submit a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration to establish your legal entitlement to bring a complaint to this office before we may proceed.
If you have any queries on this time limit please contact our office at 1890882090 or email