Helpful information when making a complaint to a Provider

You must first complain to the Financial Service Provider about your dissatisfaction so that it may be given the opportunity to address your complaint.

Make sure it is clear when you contact the Financial Service Provider that you are making a specific complaint to it.

Tips for making a complaint

Under the Consumer Protection Code all Providers are expected to have a proper complaints handling procedure in place.

How should you contact the Provider

In general a letter is the best way to convey your complaint to the Provider. You can be then assured that there is a copy record of your complaint and it will most likely be given to the correct person to address.

Address your letter to the person responsible

Before you send your letter it may be helpful to ring the Provider and ask it who the letter should be directed to.

What to include in your letter

Your letter should be clear and to the point. Summarise what your complaint is about; it is best to try and be concise and not to go into excessive detail.

You should try to include the following:

  1. relevant dates, places and times
  2. a description of the incident or problem
  3. details of any phone conversations and meetings
  4. any explanations you think are important
  5. copies of relevant documents
  6. how you would like the Provider to resolve your complaint. In relation to a resolution to your complaint it is best to ensure that your demands are not unreasonable and the grievances you have outlined are clearly stated

Timeframes to be aware of under the Consumer Protection Code

Keep records

It is important that you keep copies of all correspondence you send and receive as well as details of all telephone calls. This will be helpful when submitting your complaint to the Provider and later to this office, as evidence of your dealings to date with the Provider.

Be persistent

If for some reasons you do not hear anything within the required timeframes, call the Provider to check on the progress of your complaint.