Submitting a complaint

If you have followed the process in the Section ‘What you should do first’ and if your complaint has not been resolved by the Provider to your satisfaction you can then proceed to lodge your complaint with us. In order to lodge a complaint you will need to complete a complaint form and submit it along with the referral letter from the Provider. This referral letter is issued by the Provider when you have completed their internal complaints process with no resolution.

Complaint Form

Our complaint form can be downloaded below:

You can also submit your complaint directly on this website through our online complaint form.

For more information listen to our complaint form audio guide:
Financial Services Ombudsman Complaint Form Overview (MP3 - 15MB)

CD and Braille versions of our leaflet and Complaint Form are available on request.

Setting out complaint

When submitting your Complaint Form it is important that you present your complaint in a clear and concise manner. You should detail what has happened to date, and how you feel you have a legitimate complaint. It is important that you include all key dates and name the product you are complaining about. You should also illustrate what would remedy the situation for you.


On submitting your Complaint Form it is important that you include all relevant documentation which this office may rely on during the investigation. It is vital that you submit the referral letter from the Provider stating that its internal procedure has been exhausted and the complaint cannot be resolved. This may include letters to and from the Provider, policy documents, statements etc. It is important that you submit these as evidence to support your case.

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